ALUMNI: Mamta Chaudhry Fulfills Her Dream with First Novel “Haunting Paris”

ALUMNI: Mamta Chaudhry Fulfills Her Dream with First Novel “Haunting Paris”

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Mamta Chaudhry’s beautifully crafted novel lifts off quickly like a symphonic poem whose revered subject is the city of Paris. One cannot resist fondness for her soulful characters, woven together by grief, longing, secrets and love. Gustav Mahler once said that a symphony must contain the whole.

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An eerie coincidence led me to Mamta Chaudhry’s novel, Haunting Paris. As I read, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris burned in a horrible conflagration. I always look forward to reading the first novel of a new, young writer. Hellen Cullen wrote her debut novel while in an English novel writing program.

Haunting Paris Mamta Chaudhry. Book "In the summer of 1989, while all of Paris is poised to celebrate the bicentennial of the French Revolution, Sylvie mourns the loss of her lover, Julien, and is unable to find solace in the music that has always been her refuge. But when she accident.

Interview by Jana Hoops. Special to the clarion-ledger sunday print edition (june 30). Mamta Chaudhry’s busy career has taken her from TV and radio stints to published fiction, poetry and feature writing, and with the release of her debut book, Haunting Paris, she happily adds the label of “novelist” to her achievements. Chaudhry’s work has appeared in the Miami Review, The Illustrated.

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Haunting Paris by Mamta Chaudhry | Books. "This fine first novel explores the ways history abides in the streets and monuments of an old city, and in the human souls who love it and grieve for it and struggle to forgive it. This book is a small.

A spectre is haunting Paris. For five years, Metro-goers have rounded corners to find heavy, black marker strokes obscuring the idealized arcadia depicted in subway advertisements, the airbrushed bodies of the inhabitants – men and women – disappeared behind a heavy veil.

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