Cruz, Trump have a Super Saturday split

Cruz, Trump have a Super Saturday split

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The showing from the junior senator from Texas highlighted Donald Trump’s lack of a robust. at the end of a day-long convention Saturday in Colorado Springs. That gave Cruz 34 delegates in the.

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Now, if he can’t fully convert religious voters in many critical Southern states set to vote on Super Tuesday, his campaign could be beyond resurrection. those voters by 8 points. Cruz does have a.

A Split Super Saturday: Cruz, Trump, Clinton And Sanders Each notch wins news & Features Jessica Taylor NPR Mar 5, 2016 sen. ted cruz delivers a speech at a campaign rally in Wichita, Kan.

Mr Trump has won three of the first four contests held so far. Next week's vote in 11 states is held on what is known as Super Tuesday.

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump split victories on Saturday, with the Texas senator posting big wins in the Kansas and Maine GOP caucuses and the real estate A Split Super Saturday: Cruz, Trump, Clinton.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz got a split decision. Cruz said his victories on Saturday and his successes in four other states earlier demonstrate that he can defeat Trump in a smaller field of.

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Their split will persist at least through the critical South Carolina primary approaching on February 20, and possibly through the Super Tuesday cascade of. “There has to be some unanimity by then.

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon. But those who have seen the underbelly of the campaign say there’s not much depth. “What ground game?” Joel Leyden, a former super-volunteer for Trump who now.

Furious Ted Cruz Fires Back at 'Sniveling Coward' Donald Trump for Attacks on. The Republican presidential hopefuls have been going back and forth since Tuesday when Trump accused the Cruz campaign of releasing a. Melania, which was actually released as an ad from an anti-trump super PAC.

Republican presidential candidates donald trump and Ted Cruz each won two of the four states that held nominating contests on Saturday. Trump took Louisiana and Kentucky, Cruz won Kansas and Maine.

Ted Cruz steamrolled over Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump in the Kansas caucuses in heavy "Super Saturday" voting and racked up a win in Maine, signaling the fight isn’t yet over.

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