Florida Lady Bird Deed – Enhanced Life Estate Deed

Florida Lady Bird Deed – Enhanced Life Estate Deed

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In Florida, a Ladybird deed is also known as an enhanced life estate deed. This type of deed permits a person or family that owns real estate, most often a home, to transfer a future interest in the property while keeping a present interest. This type of transfer permits the person to live on the property until he or she dies.

 · Using a lady bird deed to avoid probate on real estate. There’s an Enhanced Life Estate Deed, or Lady bird Deed that we’re talking about.

A Lady Bird Deed (also known as an "enhanced life estate deed") is an alternative way to transfer ownership of property. Instead of transferring ownership/control of the real estate to the property owner’s beneficiaries, a lady bird deed allows the property owner to give themselves a life estate (also referred to as a life tenancy) and provides a remainder interest (usually in an heir, but.

An enhanced life estate deed is a special type of deed recognized by common law in three states: Florida, Michigan and Texas. Also called a "Lady Bird" deed, it can be used to transfer ownership of real estate outside of probate to a beneficiary named in the deed. The Florida lawyer who created the deed arbitrarily named it after President Johnson’s wife.

Florida Ladybird Deed (Enhanced Life Estate Deed) A Florida lady bird deed is one of the newer and most important estate planning tools that Florida has to offer. This relatively new form of deed is more formally known as an enhanced life estate deed, and it allows property to pass automatically to designated beneficiaries at death.

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A Lady Bird deed (called an enhanced life estate deed in Florida) is a relatively new form of deed that, like a traditional life estate deed, allows property to pass automatically to one or more designated recipients at death, without the need for Florida probate.Florida is one of only a handful of states that recognize lady bird deeds.

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