Florida’s Gilded Age mansions and hotels are a fascinating look at 19th-century opulence

Florida’s Gilded Age mansions and hotels are a fascinating look at 19th-century opulence

The Flagler Museum is fascinating. Not only do you get to look at the extravagance of the time of Henry Flagler, you will get the chance to learn of the risks and opportunities that Flagler and his associates navigated in order to bring business and tourism to the palm beach area, Florida in general, the Keys, and Cuba.

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I took a day trip to visit the Flagler Museum during a recent vacation to Delray Beach to visit my grandparents. If you enjoy checking out the gilded age mansions of the northeast, like I do, you’ll love whitehall. built for a railroad baron’s third-wife, this estate is the peak of opulence.

Old Mansions Mansions Homes Cornelius Vanderbilt Gilded Age Empire State Building Madison Avenue 5th Avenue Plaza Hotel Vintage New York Fifth Avenue at 58th Street, NY, the Cornelius Vanderbilt II mansion is on the right, at the time considered the largest mansion in New york City.

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There is a 16th century town, a town from the 19th century, an antebellum plantation complete with slave quarters and a unique 17th century mission town that was the breadbasket of Spanish Florida..

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The 25 Best Historic Homes in America.. Pa., was designed by Carrère and Hastings, the premier architectural firm for Gilded Age mansions, to look like a French chateau.. Each floor is decorated beautifully, with many delicate yet meaningful French and Asian antiques” from the early 19th century..

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17 Gilded Age Mansions of Millionaire Row on NYC’s 5th Avenue Michelle Young 07/31/2014 Architecture , Featured , New York The Cornelius Vanderbilt II Mansion on 57th Street and 5th Avenue, now.

Ringling Museum curator of European art Virginia Brilliant is excited about the Gothic Art in the Gilded Age exhibition. the collection of 19th-century Parisian art dealer Emile Gavet, then made.

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