Maybe They’re Too Rich for Congress?

Maybe They’re Too Rich for Congress?

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 · You can’t take it with you. So, they didn’t. According to an investigation by The Phoenix New Times, Buffet has been buying up ranch land running along 7.5 miles of the Arizona-Mexico border.The place is bristling with surveillance equipment, including a 100-foot communications tower rising above a fortress-like compound 300 feet from the border.

They’re also part of the continuing mass movement of low-paid workers. And 32BJ added the D.C. metro area is now so rich,

You are right that it would take a Congress to vote against their own gravy train to do this (assuming this means getting the big money out of our political process), and that this will not happen (system not being tossed from the inside). But current rules do not limit what can be done to what can be done by Congress.

They're starting to think that maybe it's undemocratic for the richest 1 percent in this. The primary benefits went to those who were already rich.. almost two decades after Congress first passed a 2 percent income tax on the.

But statistics can’t tell the entire story if they’re presented in isolation. Our country is increasingly being turned into a plaything for the ultra-rich. Here are seven signs that the ultra-wealthy.

They’re all indiscriminate, little isolated stories – and what’s odd? Nothing’s odd about somebody retiring from Congress. But it seems there’s an exorbitant number of Republicans doing.

4 days ago. In all so far, 15 gop house members and four senators are forgoing reelection next year. and possibly even turning it blue on the presidential level in 2020.. an emerging battleground they're also eyeing in the presidential race. Gianforte, a wealthy tech executive, won that race anyway, and a narrow.

Critics have long complained that universities are getting rich off the backs of athletes – often. turning away from malls and heading to trendy online sites. They’re also interested in buying.

Democrats, both in Congress and the. is the best policy when they’re kids, but politicians and journalists are now.

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