Surging bond yields to pinch home owners, retirees – FAN

Surging bond yields to pinch home owners, retirees – FAN

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This will likely happen if bond yields fall from current levels, since the bond issuer can then refinance the issue at even lower rates. This leaves the investor awash with cash, but with dismal.

Rates have plunged since late October, when 30-year fixed home mortgage rates averaged 6.77%. "The movement in fixed mortgage rates remains very subdued," despite recent increases in benchmark bond.

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The recent surge in Treasury yields is ravaging a group of market participants that had so far reaped significant gains from the bond-market.

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Although mortgage rates continue to rise, they remain much lower than last year, when the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate was 6.48%. Adjustable-rate mortgages: Those rising rates have made it.

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Retirees, Break Free From Low Yields. He already has two years’ worth of living expenses stashed in ultrasafe money market funds that offer little in the way of income. He’s planning to replace some of his stocks and real estate investment trusts with a high-quality short-term bond fund that yields about 2.2%.

Long-term mortgage rates are mostly tied to the 10-year Treasury yield, which is determined by bond traders worldwide. and short-term and adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs). In fact, homeowners with.

Opinion: Investors may lose 40% in ‘safe’ bonds – and retirees are most vulnerable. "They’re buying long-term bonds, because 30-year bonds pay higher interest rates than three-year bonds, and they’re buying bonds of issuers that have shaky financials." "What these folks don’t realize is that as interest rates go up,

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Stocks aren’t the only cross section of risk assets getting shellacked this year. In fact, high-yield bonds were in all likelihood a strong warning indicator for trouble ahead prior to the August.

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