WUCF NewsNight

WUCF NewsNight

New Side Gig: NewsNight on wucf pbs. journalism, URBANISM Brendan O’Connor April 05, 2019. PUBLIC INSTALLATION Brendan O’Connor April 02, 2019. WE WON AN AWESOME GRANT . PUBLIC INSTALLATION Brendan O’Connor April 02, 2019. ART Brendan O’Connor April 02, 2019.

NewsNight is a weekly, taped 30-minute show, featuring WFTV’s Nancy Alvarez along with a team of journalists in radio, tv, newspaper, and blogs across Central Florida.

WUCF is proud to announce a new locally produced program highlighting local journalism around important community topics. newsnight premieres on Friday, April 5 at 8:30 p.m. The show, hosted by WFTV’s Nancy Alvarez, is a weekly round-table discussion between Central Florida media outlets including wftv, Orlando Sentinel, WDBO, Florida Today, Orlando Weekly, Bungalower.com and more.

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‘NewsNight,’ a new program on WUCF TV, looks back at the Pulse nightclub shooting and examines the lasting impact three years later.

I have a hard time saying no. So when a friend of mine, the ED of WUCF PBS, asked me if I would be interested in sitting in on some crazy idea he had in mind, my answer was an enthusiastic, "YAS, queen." Coupled with a chin wiggle and some sort of hand motion, vaguely reminiscent of Dr. Strange cast

The latest from WUCF TV, Central Florida’s fastest growing PBS station! WUCF TV is the PBS member station whose mission is to educate, inform and entertain b.

WUCF TV is at American Space Museum & Space Walk of Fame. June 26 at 9:00 AM Titusville, FL "We’ve been there" – Charlie Murphy, Retired Executive, Rockwell Florida.

BBC Newsnight is the UK’s leading TV news and current affairs programme, renowned for our award-winning investigative reports and interviews with global leaders and global thinkers.

WUCF TV is at Villages Public Library at pinellas plaza. june 6 at 3:11 PM Wildwood, FL "I love SPACE!" proclaimed one of our little astronauts as she entered the WUCF Education ‘s PBS KIDS Time with Ready Jet Go Summer of Space program at the Villages Public Library today.

Newsnight’s place for ideas and opinion. How the NHS will save lives in the future In most industries, new technology reduces costs – in health, it’s more complicated.

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